He Doesn’t Take a Bad Picture…


Before I get to the story, I do need to remind everyone that the Arc March  is here again.  Please consider donating something — every little bit helps — to support the Arc. To donate, please find our fundraising page here.   Our family is really well positioned to support a person like Koan, but I don’t know how we would do it with out the services from the Arc.  The Arc makes such a positive impact in our community.

Those of you who have been around Koan enough have see that this boy does not seem to ever take a bad picture.  The image above is my new lock screen on my phone — many thanks to Katie Johnson for this one.  I’m only kind of joking when I say to people that Koan should really go into modeling.  Most images of him really do seem to capture the joy that seems to perpetually radiate around him.  I’m not sure if it’s due the fact that he is so completely unselfconscious all the time, he ignores the camera and flirts with the photographer, or if he just has the knack of looking good in print…

At Prairie, they take school pictures twice a year.  Jeri and I have never really bought into the whole informal “spring picture thing.”   We never purchased spring pictures –ever– for our older two kids.  This was a philosophical statement for us.  Informal spring pictures seemed like just a way for the photography companies to make money off of families.  Neither of us care for that tactic.  That being said, more times than not when we look at the proofs for Koan, they are often too good to not buy.  Last year’s pictures experience summed it up perfectly.  As I recall, Jeri opened Koan’s backpack that day to remove the pictures.  She took one look at them.  Thew them on the table in frustration and more than a little exasperation and said, “Damn it he’s cute!  Get me the checkbook…”

Koan really tested his photogenic nature this week, however.  Last Monday was a late start in Cedar Rapids due to the extreme cold.  I was up first, getting ready for work around 6:00 AM.  Jeri was sleeping in a bit.  Typically, she gets going before I do each day.  Our master bath room shares a common wall with Koan’s room.  Just as I was exiting the shower, I heard a resounding, loud boom echo through our quiet house.  I froze.  It sounded like it came from Koan’s room.  I didn’t hear anything come after the sound.  I wondered if one of our cats had knocked something over in the house or something along those lines.  Not hearing anything from Koan, I continued to get dressed.

A few moments later, Jeri stuck her head in the bathroom and asked for my help.  I followed her out of our room and down the hall to Koan’s room.  There he was on the floor, his face as well as the carpet, covered in blood.  He looked confused, but was not crying, yet.  He had apparently sat up in bed — understand that his bed is just a mattress on a low frame — and face-planted onto the floor.  He was so out of it —  nothing broke his fall to the floor but his nose.  And, ironically, we are pretty sure his nose broke with the impact.

He had blood streaming out of both nostrils and his mouth.  When I came into the room, he finally started to fully wake up and realize that he was hurt.  At that point, he started to cry — and he did not stop for several minutes which is super-unusual for him.  As I’ve posted before, Koan has a significant tolerance for pain.  So, it was very evident to us that this accident hurt and hurt a lot.  We finally got him calmed down and cleaned up.  His nose was really swollen and there were abrasions under his nose (all along is upper lip) as well as nearly covering all of the tip of his nose.  We calmed him down by talking to him about school.  This worked well.  And, he was bundled up and sent off to school later that morning.  I had notified his teachers of the accident via email.  He came home that day acting like himself.

By Tuesday morning, he was feeling a lot better.  But, he looked a lot worse.  All of the abrasions had scabbed up and he had a pretty significant bruise under his right eye.  It looked like he’d been in significant auto wreck.  When we looked through his backpack that morning, we noted that it was spring picture day.   So, he had his picture taken with all of those cuts and bruises.  I can’t wait to see what these proof will look like.  It’s hard to imagine how these pictures will turn out looking good.  That being said, I wouldn’t put it past him.  I’ll have my checkbook ready when they show up…

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