Teacher Note

I just got this note (below) from Koan’s teacher, Stacy Pasker.  She (and the whole team at Prairie Ridge) are so awesome!  This story is really great…

 On Friday, we were reviewing our letter of the week, V, and I was asking the kids to find it on the letter board.  Koan was rocking this!  He would 2 finger point to the V every time.  We tried to catch it on video and Koan decided to hit everything but the V.  Put the camera away and he was back to just touching the V.    
Later we were working on finding the word “mom” on the board.  Again, Koan was rocking this until we brought out the camera and of course he stopped.  Put the camera away and he was back in business.
In the afternoon, we had reverse integration and we were playing Cooties with some of our 4th-grade peers.  Koan was watching the kids roll the dice (we use a large one) and when it came time for him to roll, he picked the dice up and rolled it just like everyone else, he didn’t throw it.  We were so excited!  He did it again on his next turn too.  So we tried to be sneaky and pull out the camera so he couldn’t see it on his next turn.  He picked up the dice and one of the other kids says “She’s going to record you!” His eyes got real big and he looks around, sees the camera, puts the dice on the table and just sat there waiting us out with a big ole smile on his face.   
I asked him “Koan, do you want to show mom and dad how smart you are?”  His response “no”.  “Koan, do you want us to put the camera away?”   Koan – “yes”  So we put it away and he went right back to rolling the dice.  
He had a definite opinion about being recorded on Friday.  Took us a little bit to catch on, but eventually, we realized we probably should have asked him if it was ok first.    Lesson learned! We will try asking first and hope he is in a mood to show off his skills.
He has so much more going on than he can show.  It’s just like his waiting for the bus on winter vacation — hilarious and heartbreaking: bittersweet.  How frustrating it must be not to be able to express thoughts and ideas.  I don’t even want to imagine.  And, yet, Koan smiles more than anyone I know.

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