Arc March 2018!

The Arc March is upon us again!  It’s on St.Patrick’s Day this year.  So, I’m guessing there will be green shirts this time around.  As I’ve said before, Koan’s life would be exponentially more complex and difficult without the Arc of Eastcentral Iowa in our lives.  The before school respite care is really essential for us.  That’s what makes it possible for Jeri and me to continue to both work.  The care workers who have come into our home have been 2nd to none!  There are also so many other wonderful quality of life opportunities.  Koan attended the Arc’s summer camp for six weeks in June and July.  It was truly amazing.  There were so many of Koans favorite activities: swimming, playing at parks, eating… None of this is possible without support from the greater community.  So, please consider making a donation either directly to the Arc or you could use Koan’s donation page located here:

Please share this link as well if you are so inclined.

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