It’s Time to Act Again!

Koan is faced with another existential threat to his future well-being.  The Cassidy-Graham Act will dramatically cut Medicaid — including per capita spending caps.  As I have written before, these types of cuts will have long-lasting and disastrous implications for Koan.  The Senate is working on this right now and is looking to vote as soon as next week.

I urge everyone to call your Senator and voice your opposition to this bad legislation.  Emails are ok.  A fax or US letter from a tool like Resist Bot is also good.  But, calls are what carry the most weight.  Each call will take less than a minute.   Here are some talking points.

  • Identify yourself by name and your current city of residence.
  • Urge the Senator to oppose the Cassidy-Graham Act.
  • Tell them you are speaking for a disabled, non-verbal 10-year-old boy.
  • Cuts, block grants, and per-capita spending limits (all part of Cassidy-Graham) would strip the disabled of essential services.

If you want to go above and beyond, you can ask the staffer answering the phone what the Senator’s current position is on the bill.  You can also respectfully let them know that this is an important issue to you.  And, that you will be watching how the Senator votes.  A vote in support of this bill might impact your voting choice in the next election…

Here is the contact info for the two Iowa Senators:


Senator Grassley

(202) 224-3744

@Grassley (Facebook)

@ChuckGrassley (Twitter)


Senator Ernst

(202) 224-3254

@Senjoniernst (Facebook)

@joniernst (Twitter)

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